JobAccess is a user driven career information and exploration service. JobAccess support people to make career decisions, plan their career pathway and manage work transitions.

We believe that work has the power to make you feel like your best self. So we built JobAccess: A new kind of staffing service providing employment opportunities that lets you enjoy diverse and exciting ways to find a new job.

It’s designed to help you explore thousands of amazing jobs either permanent or temporary, challenge yourself with different ways to find a new job, and get you into the kind of work you feel passionate about.

Social entrepreneurs come in many shapes and sizes. JobAccess takes a business and economic perspective on the subject, its focus is sought narrowed to a business oriented social entrepreneurs – defined as a social enterprises.

Combining a strong sense of social responsibility with the entrepreneurial drive of the private sector, social entrepreneurs bring forward new and innovative solutions to the challenges of the welfare society.

JobAccess is proudly headquartered in Arendal, Norway.